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Belinda Ferguson, Sales & Production, offers our clients a wealth of experience in Marketing, Media sales and production. Our clients can expect excellent customer service, media and advertising know how and up to date expertise.

The Production Team are experienced, talented and up to date with marketing and graphic presentation. With a wide range of local and international tenure, the team will present your services and products with smart, clever design whilst always keeping it affordable, relevant and local.

The Photographer and Journalist are passionate about our local Story – our community, our natural environment and what makes our area the best region. We welcome contributions from our community, our advertisers and our youth. If you have a story or lead- let us know and we will follow it up.

Our Team members are all locals and live here in the Island and Surrounds catchment area.

Our quality printed publication is a readable, relevant and community focused publication – it is FRESH, BRIGHT and NEW!

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