Christmas at Bribie Island’s Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Queensland Incorporated.

I was honoured on the 2nd of December to be invited to the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of Queensland’s Xmas party at their club house. I must say what a great bunch of blokes they are. These full of fun men are extremely proud of their club house and the location is in one of the best on Bribie Island.

The club house is full of history, I was kindly shown around by Jimmy who is a very proud member and has been for many years. He took the time to show me where it all began in 1904, I was amazed at the old fishing rod’s they used back in the early 1900’s and the photo’s of old members like Thomas Welsby (Welsby Parade, Bongaree was named after Thomas) and who was also the President of the club from 1906 to 1922. There is so much history in this club house it will blow you away.

It was wonderful to see these gentlemen keeping it alive and going so strong. The club members apply for grants both State, Federal and Local governments to maintain the club house and keep it looking fantastic.
We had a fantastic lunch with Pork, Turkey, Ham and the best salads I have ever eaten, all prepared by the club member’s wives. I listen to some amazing stories from these guys from the past year, lots of laughs and incredible fishing stories.

If only I could fish, I would join this incredible club, it is no doubt in my mind the best in Queensland and their members come as far away as Yandina and Brisbane just to be a member here on Bribie Island.