It’s a time to rejoice- life is a garden!

Well accordingly to the dictionary rejoice means, to be elated, be happy, be delighted, ecstatic or overjoyed and as we approach the end of 2017 and about to begin a new year in 2018, I would say that I am definitely elated and delighted indeed, but not just because its time for Christmas and spending time with loved ones, for me, its about winding down after working through all four seasons as a commercial gardener throughout the last 12 months, also going through the trials and tribulations of weather extremes like the tail end of cyclone Debbie causing delays in garden construction or rainfall interrupting a busy maintenance schedule. It’s also that time of year to finalise any loose ends and to look forward to plotting a new course, hopefully learning from my mistakes that occurred throughout the last year and becoming a little wiser as I sail into the new year ahead in 2018 and beyond.
The funny thing about gardening and in my experience after working in many a garden, I conclude that you can compare the state of your garden if you have one, to your own life patterns we are currently experiencing today. Such as a well cultivated mind will have a clutter free workspace, shed with tools all set in their right place and in comparison, a well cultivated garden bed with weeds pulled and controlled, will give you a sense of order too. And as the saying goes “if you nip things in the bud” so to speak, you will prevent infestation or accumulation of clutter in the home or workplace, whether it be bad habits or behaviour from developing. In comparison when you stop the weeds from developing and becoming rampant in your garden, you are asserting your intention to stop this year’s weeds from flowering and as a result you are possibly preventing the next 7 years of seeds sprouting also, so the similarities of focussing our intentions with healthy thoughts can also be compared to another famous saying- “you sow what you reap”. So then, a well cultivated, fertilised garden with weeds removed ensures you will have the best chance of producing and reaping a successful harvest.
Ironically mother nature herself can heal the sad mind or lost soul by offering the chance every morning at dawn to tune in to the bird song or possibly just experiencing the gentle ocean or mountain breezes or whether it be the feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin, all afford the opportunity to tune in to nature if only for a moment, to de-stress and refocus on what’s important in our lives and reboot, “so to speak”. From sadness and sorrow, to experiencing and nurturing the spark of life once again, the expectation of new experiences and a new start, with appreciation for the simple things in life like the air we breathe and our good health, family, friends and our love for our pets. By letting go of any excess fear based energies, allows more room to propagate new, positive and exciting thoughts. Just like the small child planting their first watermelon seed and their undying commitment and excitement as they perceive new beginnings when the seeds crack open and sprout their first two leaves, does not the child see 1000 fully grown watermelons ready to eat? As they focus on that little seed that just sprouted, now that’s creative positive visualisation! So, if things have been going great for you this year, (may you stay focussed) And if you are experiencing sadness or sorrow, (may your wounds heal) and your spirit be strong! Or if you’re not sure which direction to take, then may you find a garden to sit and ponder, relax and take a deep breath as the answers are sure to come!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Until next issue: “See you in the garden”.