Geeks and Gadgets: The Incredibles 2

By Dometille Lafosse Marin
Do you remember that Pixar and Disney collaboration of a film with a superhero family that came out in 2004? Well after 14 years with no-idea what happened after some random villain declares war on the city, Disney and Pixar have finally decided to make a sequel. The trailer still hasn’t been released but a teaser was released on November 18th. Can Disney and Pixar wow us with this collaboration?
The first Incredibles movie was released on the 27th of October 2004 and is a computer animated superhero film written by Brad Bird, produced by Pixar and released by Disney. The film follows family of superheros who are forced to hide their powers from the world and live in a quiet suburban life. Mr Incredibles desire to help people in need draws the entire family in a battle with Syndrome, a former fan of Mr Incredibles who plots to wipe out all superheros with his killer robot. At the end of the movie a random villain declares war on the city the superheros live in, the 5 members of the family put on their masks and get ready to fight. No-one knows what happened after this, and 13 years later people are itching to find out when the movie comes out.
I understand that Disney and Pixar both have had a lot of other projects but to wait 12 years before making the sequel of a film. Children all over the world have wanted a sequel for several years. Next winter this movie will come out and kids will beg parents to go see it, while Pixar and Disney have waited far too long, they were smart to wait a couple of years. The first Incredibles movie made over $633 million, after the release of this film will most likely earn both companies more money. This was very intelligent of both companies to do this. They can both pay for upcoming projects, as thousands and probably millions of dollars go into making these animated films.
Animation has always been a fascination in this world, kids get mesmerised by the moving cartoon characters and others get an attraction to animation, animation has changed and revolutionized children’s films. Animation has evolved so much over time and some of the things that have been made are amazing. It can create messages, can provoke emotions like happiness or sadness and can teach children many things. The live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ came out earlier in 2017 and is a mixture of both animation and real live acting. That movie made people wonder about how much time goes into animation, and how much the resources cost. Animation can challenge people’s attitudes, values and beliefs and it will for many more years.
The Incredibles 2 will be released on June 15th of next year.