How to be a healthier happier you in 2018

A new year brings with it new year’s resolutions.
My New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to accomplish the resolutions of 2017 which I should have done in 2016 because I made a promise in 2015 and planned in 2014.
So how many of us are guilty of making resolutions and not sticking to them? My hand is up.
How about instead, have a look at what changes you’d like to make, making sure they’re practical and doable and set smaller, more achievable goals.
If we look at the basics of being healthier there are a lot of things we can do. The first doable change and that with the biggest impact is to clean up our diet.
Reduce foods that cause inflammation- the pre-curser to disease states.
Sugar, alcohol, refined grains- white flour products like cakes, biscuits, pastries, white bread, white pasta; dairy products (unless of course you are a cow); trans-fats- fast food, deep fried fatty foods and margarine.

Eat more foods that reduce inflammation: Vegetables, water, spices, good fats (omega3), berries, dark chocolate. Chocolate? Awesome!

Ensure you eat foods that nourish our bodies. Macronutrients required for basic functioning are:

Protein- 1g protein per kg of body weight. Considering a palm sized piece of chicken for example contains approximately 25-30g, would you be getting enough? Sources are green leafy vegetables, quinoa, tofu, grass fed organic meat, eggs, fish
Carbohydrates- from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and wholegrains
Fats- (good ones)- avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, omega 3, fish
Micro nutrients -minerals and vitamins that are in our food, like zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C etc etc.
Ensure proper hydration- your body needs 30ml water per kg of body weight per day
Ensure proper sleep- an adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep per night
Keep active- exercise (preferably outdoors) for a minimum of 30 mins x 3times per week
Ensure you have a balanced lifestyle where you have relaxation time out for yourself doing things that you like and make your heart happy.
Go out and enjoy nature- walk in the park, in the rainforest, along the beach, up a mountain.
Practise gratitude and try to live in the present. Try meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.
Reduce your exposure to toxins in the form of many cosmetic ingredients, pesticides used in gardening, household cleaning products and pollution.
Oh and two more things- step out of your comfort zone; and laugh more! 😊
Choose as many or as little and know that every little bit counts and all is contributing to a healthier, happier you. Happy 2018!
Carmen Lizasoain is a newly qualified Naturopath. Like her on Facebook – Imagine Health and Happiness. Information provided herein is general in nature and does not replace personalised advice from a health professional.