Letters to the Editor – October

Dear Editor,
I write in response to a concern raised by Jan van Arnhem in issue 16 of the “Island and Surrounds”. Firstly, thank you for your feedback and raising your concerns and support for similar concerns shared by M. Roberts in a previous edition. I discuss population capping with concerned residents regularly and I often speak about the need for balance.
Bribie Island is a precious place and the environment we have here is both beautiful but sensitive. We need to strike the balance right when it comes to residents and the environment and this isn’t always easy. Whilst I know residents would like to see a formal population cap on Bribie Island, I am unaware of any State Government Legislation that provides council (via planning schemes) the opportunity to develop or implement such a population cap. However, what we can do is engage with and work with residents at every opportunity to ensure that, as your elected representatives, we are advocating for you and making informed decisions based on what you, our community, want to see. Only through listening to you can we really understand what our community want. We won’t always be able to please everyone, and we won’t always be able to achieve the things we hope to achieve, but we can try our best to fight for your views.
Once again I reiterate to residents that I welcome your feedback, concerns and suggestions at any time.
Kind regards,
Brooke Savige