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Netflix VS Foxtel

Today, we are bombarded by choice when it comes to Pay TV. Gone are the days where the 5 staple channels: ABC, SBS, 7,9 and 10 dominated our screens. As these services continue to flood the market, we must be informed about their various strengths and weaknesses so that we as consumers are not paying for something that we don’t use. So, have you ever wondered which is better, Netflix or Foxtel? Well wonder no more.


Foxtel, the Pay TV option everybody has heard about, it has been about for around 23 years and has gained a reputation of its own. Foxtel is widely known for the sports and kids’ packages. Foxtel is about $15 a month for a standard pack. Foxtel has many different packages for different people, like sport, movies and even Disney. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the package that you want. The only problem with this is that to get multiple or all packages, you are looking at spending upwards of $80. When it comes to buying packages, the sports packages seem like you’re getting a lot but this package alone it is $29 a month for a standard sports pack, but sadly the pack doesn’t include boxing or fighting sports. One also needs to purchase and base package, at $10 an month. Great options = high prices.


Netflix has become a part of everyone’s lives, the streaming service has blown up over the past three years with it becoming one of the most popular pay tv sites around the world. Netflix is one of the most widely affordable Pay TV sites in the 21st century. Netflix is $10 per month for a standard package which gives you a wide variety of tv shows and movies. It also has many original television shows and movies. Netflix also has got features such as you being able to download movies and tv shows for when you want to binge on the go.

So, the question needs to be answered – which one is better value? Well if you are looking for value for money look no further than Netflix and it is only going to get better. No contracts and new additions every month. On the flip side, if sport is your thing, then Foxtel is your only option but with free to air television increasing its sporting coverage, maybe there is no need.

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