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Beachmere Drone Field gets the Go Ahead

Local Beachmere photographer and drone enthusiast Jessica Culley has had a win for all drone enthusiasts with the recent decision by Moreton Bay Regional Council to allow an area at the Rogers Street Sports Ground to be used as a drone flying field. Also the council have stated that any parks can be used for drone flying in the Moreton Bay Shire – unless signed otherwise.

“The Civil Aviation Safety Authority have guidelines for safe and legal flights, which are mandated by law. You can’t just go out and fly, there are rules to be followed,” Jessica said.

“Drones have become an important part of the business world with drones being used for a multitude of tasks including shark spotting, and in meteorology, mining, fire service, policing and surf lifesaving.”

Jessica is most enthused with how drones can make a difference in people’s lives with studies showing flying a drone can reduce depression and encourage people with limited mobility improved quality of life. Drone flying is now being taught in some schools to help encourage girls into STEM.

“By allowing people to practice flying drones in a designated area, it will give them a safe place away from houses to fly and hone their skills, and encourage people to learn the rules and obligations required. It can also support local business by bringing additional visitors to the local area,” Jessica said.

“I think MBRC is being very pro active by supporting this burgeoning hobby and becoming a leader in an area that is likely to become a large employer in the future.”

“I would encourage anyone with an interest in drones to learn the rules and their responsibilities as a drone flyer and always fly safely.”

Jessica founded Down to Earth Photography – Australia five years ago when she purchased her first drone and started aerial photography. From very small beginnings Jessica is now widely regarded as an expert in the field with close ties with various departments, including CASA.

Jessica has taught workshops and been a guest speaker on the subject of drones and drone flying, and has organised International Drone Day in the Moreton Bay Region area for the past three years.

Photo Taken by Jessica from Down to Earth Photography.

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