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Letter from Belinda Ferguson

Welcome to Issue 34 of the LOCAL news, Island and Surrounds, in this issue we have information for retirees, please see our special feature on retirement in this issue along with two “You be the judge” comments from both the LNP & ALP. There is also an article from the REIQ in this issue regarding the effect on Queensland with the Royal Commission into Banking and financial services and its findings and recommendations. A must Read! Caboolture Hospital has 17 new medical interns so far this year.

Over the next few issues you will see our candidates for the federal election in the seat of Longman. There will be advertising campaigns from our candidates.

One of the issues we have, and I am most passionate about is Domestic Violence, bullying and thuggish behaviour from people wanting to scare their victims. I have just learned that in the Sunshine Coast alone from January 2018 to January 2019 there were 1,219 breaches of Domestic Violence orders this is up from the previous year by 9.8%, it is 109 additional breaches last year and is a record high. We have a wonderful organisation that can help anyone with information on where to go and what to do called Hairdressers with Hearts. Please get in touch with them and you can find them on facebook.

Enjoy your read this issue and please feel free to write to me about any of the articles via email to

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