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Where has this year gone?

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter holidays, in this issue we have a tribute to all mums with Mother’s day on the weekend. From the team at the LOCAL news we wish all mothers a very happy day and hope you enjoy spending the time you’re your family. I would like to thank all the little Locals for sending in their colouring in of the Easter Bunny. We had so many entries this issue from all ages. You will see the brilliant job all the Locals did in our Chill time section of the paper. Over the last few weeks we have seen our iconic pelicans disappear from the bridge. There is has been a lot of controversy over the State Government putting wire on our lights on the bridge. I am with our community on this reckless decision of the state government to do this without consultation our community. We will wait and see if the Transport Manager will review this and hopefully remove the pelican deterrents so we can see our pelicans come back to our bridge. Enjoy your read this issue. Warm regards Belinda Ferguson.

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