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Building character (as well as houses) in Cambodia

An incredible chance to enhance our geographical and historical knowledge and broaden our world view. A brilliant trip upon which we will be exposed to new cultures and ways of life. The opportunity to embark on an eye-opening journey where we will build houses for impoverished people.

For the duration of the September school holidays, 20 students and 2 teachers from Bribie Island State High School will be travelling to Cambodia on a humanitarian trip. As students who are fortunate enough to be attending, we would like to share some of the aspects that make the prospect of this trip so enticing.

In contemporary society, many populations are faced with egregious living conditions and it is unfortunate that there is a paucity of people who are aware of this. The experiences that we will be able to take away from this trip will put into perspective just how lucky we are to live in a place like Australia. We will also be able to aid the local people with the help of a non-profit organisation named RAW Impact.

Of course, this is a school trip, so there is an essential educational element to this journey – participants hope to gain an understanding of Cambodian culture and history from the moment we disembark from the plane in Phnom Penh. Cambodia boasts a very tumultuous and fascinating past and learning about tragic events such as those involved with the Killing Fields will prove to be very beneficial to our overall knowledge of history.

While this is a working holiday, it is not without its leisure time. During the trip, we will be able to visit many brilliant sight-seeing locations – namely, Angkor Wat and some of the beautiful temples. All this, with the bonus opportunity to strengthen friendships with our classmates added in. This trip will truly be one of a lifetime and we are so grateful for the opportunity to experience it.

Though this experience is a fantastic way to drastically alter the lives of many, it is by no means necessary to go on a trip this large to positively change lives. As a community, we should be participating in small activities every day that allow us to have a positive influence within society. So, let’s make it our mission this week to pay it forward and give back to the community.

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