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Is the iPhone XR the best iPhone yet?

The iPhone XR is better than any other iPhone. It has better qualities than the others, and has far more advanced technologies on offer. Let’s scroll through these changes to see what Apple has released.

The iPhone XR has a true depth camera which means it has created a more sophisticated system that uses structured light. Its depth estimation works by having an IR emitter send out 30,000 dots arranged in a regular pattern. They’re invisible to people, but not to the IR camera that reads the deformed pattern as it shows up reflected off surface at various depths. This makes this camera the best camera available on mobile phones currently.

The iPhone XR has advanced face ID, but be careful, if you wear sunglasses and try to get in your phone it won’t let you! You need to have exactly the same face and as it was when you enabled the face ID otherwise it won’t let you in. Its advanced face ID is best protection for your phone – just another amazing feature.

Did I mention how easy it is to charge? In addition to the Lightning connector, they also retain the Qi (pronounced Chee) wireless charging introduced in last year’s iPhones. Wireless charging allows users to charge their iPhones using a supported wireless charging dock or mat without the hassle of cables.

The access to two sims also makes for a great feature: work and play all in one! Having two SIM cards in your iPhone lets you have two phone numbers and connect to multiple carriers or networks, which is ideal for travelling, or people who don’t want to be bound to a single carrier.

So, what do you think is the iPhone XR the best iPhone yet? Lower price than its predecessor, better features and more colours - I think you’ll be upgrading sooner rather than later!

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