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A local building company contacted me about the recent Palaszczuk Labor Government’s Waste Tax and the impact on their business.

As you continue to read this, let me remind you about how the Palaszczuk Government said their “Waste Levy” (as they prefer it to be known) will have “NO IMPACT ON HOUSEHOLDS”.

Despite this company being aware that the new Waste Tax was being introduced on 1 July, the impact it would have on their business bottom line was unable to be measured until last week when they received their first invoice from their skip bin supplier.

You see the skip bin supplier has to pass on the charges that they’ve had imposed upon them by the State Government.  In this case the skip bin supplier has needed to increase his costs per bin by an additional $220 since 1 July.  There’s around 10 skip bins used per build which amounts to an increase of $2,200 per build on average.  Adding further to this financial black hole are the homes they also have under contract (all quoted and signed up prior to 1 July) and the additional house and land packages in the market and in negotiation.  This building company estimates the new Waste Tax will incur around $171,000 off their projected profits for projects currently in train, all of which will go straight into the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s pockets.

Ultimately these costs have to be passed onto the end consumer – many of whom are first home buyers, retirees building their dream home, or just average joe looking to upgrade.  This tax will hit all.

This is but one building company that is already feeling the pinch from this Labor tax grab. As this company rightly put it – “it’s a slap in the face for an industry that needs all the help it can get at this time”. 

No impact on households?  What a load of rubbish!

Simone Wilson MP

State Member for Pumicestone

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