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Beachmere will celebrate it’s 150th Birthday next year and have been successful in obtaining a Council grant to assist with organising, co-ordinating and producing events and activities throughout the Sesquicentenary Celebrations.

Moreton Bay Regional Council awarded a Community Grant to Beachmere Area Network Group (BANG) to assist with the event.

Councillor for Division 2, Peter Flannery, advised BANG that they had been successful in receiving the grant which would go to costs associated with the large program of events scheduled over the weekend 15, 16 and 17 May 2020.

BANG President Karen Harris said that the Program was still being finalised but included a Gala Launch of the new book Beachmere – Then and Now, a morning of beach activities for children including an “old fashioned” sand garden competition, Bush Dance and High Tea.

“Over recent weeks we have been working hard to encourage other Beachmere community groups to get involved and become part of the Sesquicentenary celebrations.

We are now getting out to businesses in the area and giving them details of how they can get involved to make this a great birthday celebration for Beachmere.

“We have recently had some very exciting ‘BIG’ news for Beachmere, so it’s a great opportunity to achieve some lasting results for the community. We can’t wait to make the announcement,” Karen said.

Karen said that more help is needed to ensure this is the biggest birthday party Beachmere will see, with more information available from BANG on 0456 818 017 or by emailing

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