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WHERE THERE’S A WILL…………………………………………………!

I share Tim Mander’s sentiments (LOCAL Island and Surrounds News – Issue 41) – it is no wonder that the ‘support for the Palaszczuk Labor Government from small and medium sized businesses (also referred to as SMEs) in Queensland has hit rock bottom’!

One only has to consider the financial plight in which SMEs continue to find themselves when the clocks on the eastern seaboard are out of sync – especially when the Labor Government – as well as the State Opposition - is well aware that there is a practical and inexpensive solution to this anomaly!!

Tim Mander’s comments, unfortunately, smack of ‘a pot calling the kettle black’!

What has this Conservative Opposition done for SMEs over recent times? Let me share a few of the experiences that I have had when speaking with them on this subject:-

  • July 2014 – at the LNP State Convention when a spokesperson for the then Newman government white-anted a Pumicestone Electorate proposal/resolution by suggesting to the attendees that ‘the setting of time zones is a Federal Government issue’ - knowing full well that ‘such a responsibility rests with the states’.

  • August 2015 – the then Shadow Attorney-General indicated that ‘he would get in touch with me when, and if, the then Labor government shows any indication to address this subject’. In other words, “we, a Liberal/National Opposition prefer to be ‘reactive’ rather than ‘proactive’ “.

  • November 2016 – the then Opposition Leader sent me a similar response.

In 2010, the CCIQ released a report that summarised the detrimental effect that AEDT was having on the profitability of some 2200 of its 400,000 members – mostly SMEs. This survey was requested by the then BLIGH Labor Government as part of its evaluation of a private member’s bill seeking the reintroduction of AEDT to Queensland.

The result of the survey was devastating – these 2200 SMEs had haemorrhaged financially by some 4.35 BILLION DOLLAR$ DURING THE MOST RECENT PERIOD THAT THE CLOCKS ON THE EASTERN SEABOARD HAD BEEN OUT OF SYNC.

The publication of these facts gave rise to the initiation of a private campaign to seek a solution THAT COULD RESTORE LOST PROFITS TO ALL AFFECTED QUEENSLAND BUSINESSES – ESPECIALLY SMEs - without re-introducing AEDT to Queensland. It became known as ‘THE REAL-TIME Initiative. (RTI).

Being aware that it is unlikely that AEDT should ever be re-introduced to any part of Queensland, the campaign was crafted on the principle embodied in a quote attributed to the great American Architect and Inventor, Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983):- You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete’.

The RTI is a new model. It is explained in the website – It has discovered many things. Here are just a few:-

  • By extrapolating the 4.35 BILLION DOLLAR$ mentioned above, the annual figure for this sample alone now exceeds 6.5 BILLION DOLLAR$

  • Since AEDT was commenced in October 1971, the cumulative figure – again, for this sample alone - exceeds 120 BILLION DOLLAR$.

  • The taxation that has been lost by Canberra - on this small sample alone - is some many BILLIONS of DOLLAR$.(More than enough to establish a FEDERAL DISASTER FUND).

  • People living outside the 150o meridian - between Yeppoon and Wollongong and as far west as Tamworth – aren’t, and have never been, within any standard time zone. Presently, they represent 45% of our population.

  • The RTI guarantees no more than 3 time zones across Australia.

  • The RTI replaces AEDT as we know it and confines it to the rubbish bin – PERMANENTLY - and our clocks on the eastern seaboard need never be changed again.

  • The RTI could be legislated in such a way that its principles could be effective from the first Sunday in October 2020 – at little, if any, cost to the taxpayer.

The upcoming 2020 State Election gives our political representatives a golden opportunity to illustrate their leadership in how proactive they should be in recognising the importance of the role played by our SMEs in the success of our State economy.

Both our State and Federal members are great supporters of businesses in their respective electorates, as is the Bribie Chamber of Commerce. They also understand what the RTI will provide and encourage its support by you readers. They appreciate the many benefits that accrue to us all. It is up to us as residents of this great part of Queensland to support our businesses and thus contribute to their financial success and retention here in the Pumicestone electorate.

The RTI would be more than suitable, and appropriate, as a policy item for the 2020 State Election.

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