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A Message from Simon Wilson member for Pumicestone

Dear Pumicestone

In the last sitting week of the Queensland Parliament for 2019, I was ejected from the Chamber for nothing else but standing up for my community.  Some of you may have seen my FaceBook posts about this event @SimoneWilsonMP or read about it in the media as it got a little coverage. 

Road upgrades are a priority for the Pumicestone Electorate with our two major transport routes being seriously neglected – Bribie Island Road and Beachmere Road. The Queensland Transport Minister had the floor and was using his time to slap himself on the back about other road infrastructure upgrades in the South East corner. Not one mention however about the $20 million of Federal funding to fix Bribie Island Road!

Needless to say, I took the opportunity to remind the Minister (across the floor) that my community sits waiting on him to do the required work to get this funding on the ground in our electorate – it’s been 18 months for heavens sake. I called him out for neglecting our needs and in doing so was swiftly ejected from the Chamber for one hour.

Call me naïve but isn’t this what your elected officials are meant to do – stand up for their community.  Fight hard for our fair share.  Never let up, keep pushing for what is right and fair and just.

I may not be recontesting this seat in October, but I will spend every last minute I have until then fighting for the Pumicestone Electorate, even if this means getting booted out of the Chamber again.



Simone Wilson MP, State Member for Pumicestone

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