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Simone Wilson MP still fighting for Bribie Island Locals to have access to health care services afte

We can no longer accept that access for Bribie Island locals to the quality health care services they need (to improve and maintain their health) closes when their regular GP shuts its door at 7pm weekdays or at 2pm on weekends. That's for those lucky enough to even get an appointment as the few extended hours GPs we have servicing the Island are often booked solid.

The fact of the matter is that the average age of residents on Bribie Island (with Queensland's highest median age) is almost 60 years and thus more likely to experience a diverse range of complex health issues that comes with ageing.  Added to this, older people often require longer GP consultations, which in turn leads to practices limiting the amount of patients they can treat in any given day.

For thousands of Bribie Island locals, particularly our aged residents, the Caboolture Hospital often becomes their only source of after-hours health care. This makes the very strong case for full after hours health care delivery to what is demographically a more vulnerable community (age wise).  This is more so highlighted by the current pandemic we face today.

Navigating the challenges and opportunities to fund after hours quality GP health care requires both State and Federal Governments to come together and find solutions. 

Many readers may be aware that I've been fighting for improved access to after hours GP health care since being elected. I may have only six months left in my role as your State Rep, but I pledge to use this time continuing to fight the good fight for my community.

Simone Wilson MP

State Member for Pumicestone 

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