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Changes Afoot At Bribie Bus Lines

The Local and Surrounds has received information that Bribie Island Coaches is to be bought out by Caboolture Bus Lines. The bus service on Bribie is a lifeline to many residents and a crucial link to Caboolture train station for super commuters on the island. Naturally locals are interested in the future of the service and any changes that may occur as a result of the sale.

The Local and Surrounds has contacted the new owners to ask about these issues and learned that the sale was due to take place on the 24th of August 2020 around the date of this publication. While the details of the sale are still “Commercial in Confidence” the new owners have undertaken to talk to the Local and Surrounds in time for our next edition to outline their vision for the future of the service.

The Local and Surrounds understands that Caboolture Bus Lines is a family run business that is involved in supporting the community where it currently operates.

Excerpts from their website include:


The mission of Caboolture Bus Lines Pty Ltd is to provide our passengers with safe, reliable, quality transportation, through our commitment to responsive and innovative management, continual upgrading of our fleet, meticulous attention to maintenance and by being ever mindful of our responsibilities to passengers, co-workers and the community.


Our core values are:

  • Safety our way of living

  • Continuous Improvement through Teamwork.

  • Genuine Care for our People and Environment

Directors of Caboolture Bus Lines:

Grant and Janette Craike have both grown up in the South East Queensland region and are looking forward to raising their four children in the Caboolture area. Grant has been involved in the Bus and Coach Industry for the past 25 years. During this time Grant has completed a University of Queensland Certificate in Transport Management and is an accredited member of the Queensland Bus and Coach Association. He is involved in all facets of managing the business, including operational matters, business development, planning and marketing. Janette’s involvement in the Bus and Coach Industry came to fruition with the purchase of the business 20 years ago. During this time Janette has overseen the administration and growth of the company. Of particular interest to Janette is the safety of the school children, whilst travelling on our services. As a result of this Janette has developed her own Award Winning “Bus it Safe” programme, which has been implemented at local schools via a series of lessons and demonstrations. Grant and Janette’s aim is to provide the highest quality of transportation incorporating safety, reliability and personal service.

We look forward to discussing these issues with you our readers in our next edition.

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