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Safe to See Your GP

It's safe to see your GP and maintain appointments with other healthcare professionals, so don't put your health on hold any longer.

That is the message 30-year veteran General Practitioner and Brisbane North PHN Board Chair Dr Anita Green wants patients to understand as Queensland continues to deal with COVID-19.

“Whether you need a flu jab or a regular health check, don't delay. Book in with your GP today," Dr Green said.

Her call coincides with the launch of a new Primary Health Network campaign, across radio and online media, in response to reports from healthcare providers that many people are avoiding vital medical care.

“We know the people who have been most at risk during the pandemic are those with chronic complex disease and the older members of our community,” Dr Green said.

“They largely heeded the health messages to stay at home, self-isolate and keep themselves safe when the Coronavirus first appeared and I congratulate them for doing so,” she said.

“But people shouldn’t put their healthcare on hold any longer.

“It is very important for anyone living with asthma and other lung conditions, cancers, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, to continue their regular medical care to avoid serious complications.

“We want them to reconnect with their GP, Psychologist, Podiatrist, Physio or other healthcare professional and get the normal healthcare they need to have on a regular basis.

“For infection control reasons, so we can maintain a COVIDsafe environment for all patients, we just need them to phone ahead or book with their clinic online. It’s that simple,” Dr Green said.

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