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A FAIR GO FOR ALL.A Reader's Contribution…by Anxious Ant.

Edited by staff Writer: Harvey Fewings.

These are views expressed by the Writer. They are published in the interest of fair comment and free speech.

Free Australian Citizens have an unbridled right to express their genuine opinions, without insulting, defaming or belittling other Australians.

Part Two.

[ Continuing on from where an Australian Prime Minister said "sorry "in good faith with particular reference to Australia Day, January 26.

Yet in some quarters it's still "Invasion Day" and the "sorry" twisted in meaning entirely! Young Australians, coloured, white or whatever, are growing up not being taught the true historical facts. Yet, if the facts of the dreadful sufferings and hardships of the people who began our Nation were taught in schools, children and adults alike would learn the truth and take pride and have loyalty in our Aussie Nation, one would assume. We need to stop this division in our Nation, which has been allowed to happen by misguided people and political correctness which has gone wrong.

The National Flag under which young men fought should be more widely used, especially each morning on school parade. Also, our National Anthem as used to be at public functions. Why did some person decide this should change?

We should thank the early pioneers who struggled relentlessly to establish this Country; and thank God for the many young men and women who, without their supreme sacrifice in the Pacific Battle, would have resulted in a very different outcome for us all. They gave us the Australia we have by which all have benefitted!

The "Aussie Fair Go For All" has resulted in each annual Federal budget for thousands of millions of taxpayer dollars being allocated to Aboriginal Australians in Aboriginal related matters such as health services, Land Councils, schools, Aboriginal Land Management Trusts - a comprehensive list which most other Aussies would not see as an issue whatsoever, as it provides help which might otherwise be denied. The benefits of the latest medicines, education and administration systems are available for all Australians, including Aboriginal people.

Yet we have certain ill-informed groups of Activists who "ape" the genuine American Negro segregation and abuse issues. They seem recklessly indifferent to the greater good in the Covid-19 world in which we live, demonstrating about the "Black Life Matters" group, spreading complete untruths about deaths in custody etc. A disgrace and an embarrassment to decent Aboriginal


Let's stamp out this hatred for non-aboriginal people by a minority with "chips on their shoulders"! It's ridiculous! We are all Aussies in the Best Country in the world. We don't need divisions in our society which cause racism and violence to escalate.

Aboriginal Aussies can hold Australian passports, vote in elections, laws which apply to them apply to us all. They have access to the same financial benefits which social security in Australia provides. How much more equal can that be? Time to play fair. Stop blaming others for irresponsible behaviour, perhaps a need for Elders to teach young people a sense of values and to relate to their fellow Australians positively. Surely there has been enough financial aid to organise job skills, sporting clubs other activities in the community. Perhaps a good start to keep youth and young adults occupied! Boredom breeds mischief. Similarly applies to the youth of all origins.

Summing Up –

(A) Put a stop to ill-informed activists creating division in our Nation, causing racism and violence to escalate.

No permission granted for protests, especially at this Convid-19 time.

Lawbreakers blocking ambulances and necessary services should face the full extent of the law, and a fire hose would come in handy!

What is currently happening makes a complete mockery of our history and the previously mentioned brave souls giving so much for us all.

(B) We need to start teaching school children true historical facts regarding the birth of our Aussie Nation. There are so many wonderful stories, including those of the First Nation people. Curriculum Education Review needed to address a lack of historical perspective and knowledge of our authentic culture.

We need to instil pride and loyalty once again in our Country. I remember when we were school children, no matter what colour or creed you were, [ multi cultural activity is nothing new in Australia ], we had to attend a parade each morning. We felt great pride in our Country when, with our hands placed on our hearts, the Australian Flag was raised. We all sang the first verse of the National Anthem.

There are now many different people in Australia, all wanting to make this Country their home. Our pioneers, who gave blood sweat and tears to make this Nation what it is today.

What I have written is based on fact and not emotion. If the issue is to be dealt with fairly and adequately, then we need respectful conversations based on facts.

This the best Country in the world – let us all work veery hard to keep it that way.

Elise Pickers.

"Anxious Ant. "

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