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Bribie Island Containers for Change

By staff writer Mozza

Did you know you can pick up some handy cash while helping protect the environment?

Bribie Island has its own Containers for Change Depot at 21 Armitage St. Bongaree. The facility accepts most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and paperboard drink containers displaying a refund notice, such as “10c refund at collection depots in participating States or Territories”.

Containers excluded from the scheme include milk containers and wine and spirit bottles as well as fruit juice and cordial containers over 1 litre.

The Bribie depot allows your containers to be counted on the spot by an automated machine or by the staff. It also offers a convenient in-house bag drop service where customers can drop and go.


It is easy to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Press the green button to begin then place your glass containers on the left conveyor belt and all other containers on the right conveyor until they are all counted by the recycling machine;

  2. Press the red button and take your ticket that the machine spits out to the Cashier auto teller and scan the ticket by placing it on the space provided. The machine then dispenses your cash.

If you sign up for a Scheme ID you are asked for your bank details so you can receive your refund by EFT, or alternatively you can just receive cash without signing up. Identification is only required if you are returning more than 825 containers at once.

You can also donate your refund to a community group by quoting the group’s scheme ID number, this number is available on the Containers for Change website at .

Containers for Change (CFC) also offer several Commercial Services as listed below for businesses on Bribie.


CFC provides you with Express Recycling bins or bags for your use. Once full, return the bins or bags to the CFC collection site and swap them over for empty ones. CFC will then process and count your items on your behalf and give 10c per item which can be redeemed for cash or CFC can deposit directly into your containers for change scheme account. There will be NO charges for this service.


CFC will provide you with Express Recycling bins. When your bins need servicing, contact CFC to request a pick up. CFC will arrange to send a truck or trailer around to swap out your bins over for empty ones. CFC then return to the depot, count your items on your behalf which can be redeemed for cash or CFC can deposit into your containers for change scheme account.

3c per item service fee applies.


If you are a business, organisation or event that recycles large volumes of container for change items, a member of CFC’s commercial team will tailor a package that provides the most beneficial return for you with minimum effort. CFC also provides you with a monthly report on your increased environmental activity and promotes you through CFC’s marketing channels.

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