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Looking after your boats fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel filters will keep your motor running well, and your boat safe.

Many motor breakdowns can be a direct result of contaminated fuel, either through water or foreign matter in the fuel system, whether your motor is Inboard, Outboard, Petrol or Diesel. Clean fuel is a must!

Fuel filters come in a variety of styles. I recommend a combination fuel filter/water trap with a clear base and drain plug. You can check to see if there is any water contamination, by using the drain plug to put a small amount of fuel into a container. Replace the filter element approximately every six months.

The perfect time for a thorough check of all fuel lines, connections, and hose fittings, is when fitting or replacing the fuel filter. Remembering to never use zip ties on fuel lines. Always use good quality stainless steel hose clamps to ensure a good tight leak free joint. Fuel is highly volatile. Even the slightest fuel leak can spell disaster. 

Your local marine dealer will advise you on the best type of fuel filter for your vessel. The service department can install a new filter and carry out a thorough inspection on the existing fuel system.

Remember to check all Safety Gear, Jackets, Flares, Fire Extinguishers, Torches, Mirrors, Anchors and Paddles, etc.



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