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Fishing report April 2022

Hi readers of ‘The Local’ Newspaper

Finally, we are experiencing some good weather and even though the passage and bay are still fairly dirty from the run-off, quite a few keen anglers have ventured out and successfully caught fish.

The Ripples at Banksia Beach have seen a few Snapper and Grassy Sweat Lip, with the last hour of the run-out tide and first hour of the run-in tide being the best time to target these fish. Anglers have been using a mixture of Mullet Fillets, Herring and Garfish, lightly weighted on either a single hook or on gang hooks.

The Avon Wreck has produced some very large Bream. One of our local kids, Connor, caught this massive specimen on an un-weighted fresh Prawn using a light 4lb line and 1-3 kg Spin Rod.

A great place to try if the weather turns bad is the Pacific Harbour Canals. We have had some great reports of Mangrove Jack and large Estuary Cod. Night-time is the best time to pursue these, when the surrounds are quiet and there is minimal to no traffic on the water. Again, the last of the run-out tide is proving the best time using live bait such as Mullet or Yellow Tale Pike.

The mouth of Ningi Creek has had a lot of Grunter and Tarwhine, live Yabbies and Bloodworms are the best bait to catch these. Nigel caught a 35cm Tarwhine on a live Yabby through the week. You can pump for live Yabbies around the Sandstone Point Flats and White Patch.

There have also been a few reports of Whiting around Turners Camp Rd on an incoming tide with live Bloodworms being the choice bait.

With the water clearing up out in the Bay, the Mackerel-Tuna have turned up in large numbers. A great way to catch these is throwing metal lures into the schools, example Flanker 7 Stickbait 115mm, available at Island Fishing Supplies and winding back as fast as you can. Even though they are not great fish they eat, they are excellent sport on light gear.

Enjoy fishing in April and remember to catch only what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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