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Garage Sale Trail a great way to score some bargains

This year’s Moreton Bay Garage Sale Trail is the perfect time to snag a preloved bargain in the ultimate guilt-free shopping spree that’s kind to the planet and your pocket. Mayor Peter Flannery encouraged people to get behind the garage sales and sustainable shopping to go green as we grow. 

“As the cost of living increases, the Garage Sale Trail is a great way to find affordable goods or make some extra cash,” Mr Flannery said. “Selling stuff you no longer need reduces the amount of waste headed to landfill, so this is a good opportunity to do your bit for the environment.”   

“We are encouraging households, streets, schools and community groups across Moreton Bay to get involved and host a garage sale. It’s a good chance to get out there and meet your neighbours, whilst you hunt for a bargain.”

Ahead of the start of the Garage Sale Trail, there were 36 sales registered, a number which would likely see many preloved second-hand household items from becoming waste.

“Fast fashion is one of the biggest contributors to landfill, so it’s great that past garage sales have indicated that 17% of the trail items are clothes and fashion accessories,” Mr Flannery said.

Don’t miss your chance to score a garage sale bargain on November 18 and 19. To host a sale or find a map to shop the trail, head to

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