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The hidden agenda behind the Voice

Government expenditure on the Voice

The government has allocated about $396m for the referendum, money that could have been spent on first-line assistance to Aboriginals in need. On top of the $39 billion spent each year (more than the funding for Medicare) on Aboriginal support programs, more money is to be spent on 3.8% of the population. How is this going to change the plight of a small number of Aboriginals that require better outcomes?

Let’s do some sums. Australia’s population is 25 million, Aboriginals make up 3.8% of the population which equates to 950,000. We spend $39 billion which equates to $41,052 per person – not counting all the other benefits through CentreLink and royalties!

How many voices do we need?

There are currently 3273 registered Aboriginal Corporations and Agencies delivering health and other services, making representations to government. At the top of the list is the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA). There are more than 1000 bureaucrats in the NIAA.

The budget for Aboriginals is about $39 billion a year. Where does all this money go? It certainly does not go to get Aborigines out of poverty or to improve their health. With $39 billion to play around with, one would think there are sufficient funds to solve the problems. The sorry state is that there is no accountability, so where do you think all this money is going? Now is the time for a thorough investigation into this $39 billion funding. Why have outcomes not changed for Aboriginals in need? The Voice is just another layer of expensive bureaucracy – but one that has a hidden agenda that will affect all of us.

If you are yet to be convinced that the Voice will make a difference, here are some interesting facts from the NIAA.

Below is some insider information from pages from a group of NIAA staff meeting to discuss what can be achieved with the Voice.

It was headed “Early Action/Opportunities for the Voice”, an Eleven Point Plan. The Gecko does not profess this to be NIAA policy, however it gives you an insight into what they want from the Voice.

These are the points:

1. Job quotas: Minimum 10% appointments to be First Nations people for judges, magistrates, CW SES, ADF officers, AFP and state police forces, corrections departments, vice chancellors and ambassadors.

2. Universities: No entry tests and no fees for First Nations people.

3. Old age pensions: Reduced age eligibility for First Nations people “because we die younger”. 4. Public Housing: First Nations people to have first preference for all vacant public housing across all states.

5. Sport & Music: Entry fees reduced by 50% for First Nations people for any events on public land. 6. Beaches & National Parks: All beaches and national parks to be property of the relevant tribe and non-First Nations people to be charged to use the beaches, parks etc… Revenues to go to relevant tribe. 7. Rivers and Streams: To become property of relevant tribe and fees for water consumption paid to relevant tribe. 8. Mining Royalties: Same as for water. 9. Income tax: For First Nations people to be 50% of normal rate. 10. Liquor Licensing: All new liquor licenses across Australia to be vetted by Voice.

11. Voice Office: Research/policy staff to analyse and review all proposed government policies, legislation and appointments. Same size and pay as DPMC (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.)

If the prime minister is aware of these initiatives set out by the NIAA, it would appear that Mr Albanese continues to mislead the Australian people over the extent of powers given to the Voice to parliament.

Establishing this Voice is only a first step in the process. The next step is ‘Treaties’ with every Aboriginal group - at least 500 treaties. Then, there will be a claim for ‘Sovereignty’.

The Gecko wants to remind you about the Uluru Statement from the Heart because that document mentions sovereignty five times.

This is not fear-mongering because it is actually happening now. Today, Aboriginals have some form of control of 40% of Australia with treaties that already exist. There is a current push to take control of the rivers by one Aboriginal group.

Take Burrum Heads for example. Aboriginals have currently taken over a section of the foreshore at Burrum Heads and locked out the general public, now living in the bush.

South Australia is the first state to legislate an Indigenous Voice to parliament. And we haven’t even had the Referendum! There will be 46 elected members representing six regions. Two members to be selected from each area making up a body of people that will have direct communication to parliament and government departments. What is the cost, the next level down? Local government? Can you imagine that the $39 billion now spent yearly will increase exponentially. All for just 3.8% of our population! And that is just one state!

This Voice is divisive, make no mistake about it. Divisiveness leads to animosity, and we as a nation should not be going down this path.

The propaganda coming from the government, inundating us with TV ads, continues to hide the real agenda behind the Voice.

The prime minister insists that voting ‘Yes’ is the ‘right thing to do’ to ‘give First Nations People a Voice’ ............. Really!

Why does a race of people need to be identified in the constitution? We are all Australians and the constitution includes all Australians and Aborigines are Australians, just like the rest of us.

Furthermore, it contravenes international conventions that we have already signed up to. Unfortunately, urban Aboriginal activists want to continue the ‘Victims Mantle’. Why? Because it is all about reparations.

We are all Australians and we should not be denied access to anywhere in Australia. It goes without saying that we should respect all people, regardless of colour or ethnicity. We should respect the Aboriginal culture, but let’s do that without dividing the country.

Note – the Gecko will continue again in the next issue and let you know what is happening in other countries that have gone down a similar path and adopted a similar proposal. And it is not good news.

Until next time...

Gecko Chirps

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