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It’s Showtime!

By Amelia Strazdins

Normality is slowly beginning to return to the world. With lockdowns remaining firmly integrated within our day-to-day lives, many organisations and businesses have still been hard at work to ensure that events can continue as planned without causing additional impacts.

For many of us, a highlight of this year has been the long-anticipated return of festivals, concerts and shows, and, of course, the Ekka, which has long remained one of the high spots of the year for farmers, children, and everyone in between. Last year due to restrictions, the event was unable to be held. This year, it’s back and better than ever.

The show lasts for 10 days and offers a look into what Queensland has to offer whilst providing entertainment for all ages. Many of us see the Ekka as an opportunity for a fun family day out, but for many businesses – particularly those within farming, the food industry and entertainment – the show provides the opportunity to sell and promote Queensland’s best products and produce. Across our state, and the country, many people have suffered over the past 18 months due to a loss of business and unsteady income. This economic hardship continues to place a strain on many families.

Annual shows like the Ekka provide a multitude of jobs and opportunities that are desperately needed by many as COVID continues to take its toll. Queensland has been extremely lucky in relation to minimal outbreaks and our Ekka remains one of the first bigger events to be held since the beginning of the pandemic. In supporting the iconic event so many of us have missed, we’re also helping Queensland local and the wider Australian industry to begin economic recovery.

This year the Ekka runs from August 6 to 15, with the public Show Holiday date differing slightly for various regions. The ‘reopening’ of the show also reminds us how lucky we are to experience such events, with parts of the world and our own country still facing lockdowns and uncertainty.

With accessible transport options such as trains and the promise of a fun, food-filled day there remain few reasons not to experience the freedom and excitement of the Ekka. After the disappointment of last year with many organisers, entertainers, and attendees unable to showcase their produce, products and services to Queenslanders, there is no doubt high hopes surround this year’s show.

Catering for young and old, from foodies to adrenaline junkies, musicians to firework fanatics and with showbags, rides and so many different foods on sticks, it seems the Ekka is set to make a triumphant return.

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