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Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

22 April to 19 May 2022

26/4/22 Women’s Single Stableford Patron's Bowl/Order of Merit/N & S Hudda Trophy Rd 1

Unfortunately rain stopped quite a number of women playing today – only a field of 38.

Winner:  Sheena Bath 38, 1st R/U Judith L’Estrange 36, Myra Dickson 35 c/b

NTP:  Hole 4 Carole Watson, Hole 7(11a) Robyn Colbran, Hole 14 (Top Shot) Ros Gardiner, Hole 16 Gwen Clutterbuck

28/4/22 Women’s 4BBB Stableford Ann Caird Memorial Day

Another, on again, off again, showery day but managed a field of 66 with only 8 not completing.  Well done ladies!

Winners:  Carole Watson & Laura Meijer 42, 1st R/U Margaret McDonald & Robyn Harper 40 c/b, 2nd R/U Pauline Grooby & Di Benghamy 40, 3rd R/U Leonie Buxton & Myra Thomsen 39

NTP:  Hole 4 Maureen Bailey, Hole 7(11a) Joan Osborne, Hole 14 Gill Lee (Top Shot), Hole 16 Gill Lee

HOLE IN ONE AWARD – Debbie Dun – Hole 14, 21 December 2021 (Apologies for delay in presentation.)

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