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Recent issues of this newspaper have attracted a great deal of comment. I personally would like to thank everyone for their interest and honest communication with me and also support for this newspaper raising many issues in the LOCAL area.

This newspaper is a LOCAL paper, not a media outlet. We seek to raise issues that affect the LOCAL community. We also seek to generate discussion about controversial current events and political developments – because – all politics are LOCAL and many of the issues affect us as taxpayers, as parents, as members of a community and as citizens of Australia.

I have received one media release since elected from our LOCAL State representative over the last few weeks in relation to the Pumicestone Rural Fire Station being officially opened, that’s all since October last year! however, to protect my clients and for the sake of you the readers there is no use in publishing something which has already been published somewhere else. I will not print media releases which have already been published, no matter what political side our elected members are on.

From the very first issue, this newspaper has made it clear that we shall print press releases from any political party, from any political candidate and duly elected members, I have always done this, and I make it very clear again, I shall do that if it has not already been published on any other platform. If the duly elected members do not communicate with me or advise this newspaper and deliberately keep me out of the loop of any significant events that may be good for our community then, I cannot let you the readers know what work they’re doing in this region. There are many people in this region who simply are not on the internet or facebook. Our demographics is vastly different to other areas of Queensland. In some cases, this newspaper is the only way to find out about current LOCAL issues.

If you have a view that you wish to express; it fits our editorial policy, and it is described in respectful calm terms, then it shall be considered for publication.

This Newspaper also reserves the right to vigorously question and criticise any matter of the public interest, which in our opinion, affects members of the local community.

All readers have the right to express their views respectfully and calmly in their community and in this newspaper if accepted for publication.

Threats do not bother this newspaper; newspapers have been threatened throughout the ages by dictators, by governments, by various groups with various views, it’s happening throughout the world today.

There is no point in throwing all your toys out of the cot because you disagree with another person’s opinion. There’s far too much of that attitude in Australia today.

Warm Regards

Belinda Ferguson

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