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The broken toy syndrome

As children we are so excited when we are given a new toy, playing with it continuously until we tire of it, or it breaks.

Sadly, this child-like behaviour stays with us throughout adulthood to the end of our lives. I call it the ‘broken-toy-syndrome’. Fifty-three years ago, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the human race marvelled at this endeavour. The thought of being able to leave this tired old planet earth and venture into space and explore, and even live on new planets, thrilled us all. That, despite nearly 20 astro/cosmonauts having died attempting the journey.

Now a near-100-metre-long rocket named ‘Artemis’, after the Greek goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation, childbirth, and chastity, is to be launched to the Moon. Aboard are several humanoid dummies, whose purpose is to report on voyage safety and the feasibility of a planned future lunar settlement. A trip to Mars is planned to follow this, with similar intentions. Entrepreneurs and billionaires seem to be busy selling trips to outer space!

Not satisfied with spoiling Earth by creating an unforgivably terrible environment, coupled with unbelievable misery for many of our fellow creatures, we now plan to export this repeat performance to other planets. Why can’t we humans pause and spend the trillions of dollars thrown at space exploration and planet settlements on the repair of our existing home planet -Earth.

Millions of disadvantaged, voiceless humans, both present and future, would really appreciate it. Or is planet Earth now just considered another `broken toy`!

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