Voice of Youth: White is Right!

By Sydney Fry
One in four women are victims of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is the main cause of homelessness for women and their children. These reported rates rise this time of year, with increased alcohol abuse and financial stresses, according to Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. Across the country, support networks are currently preparing for a rise in domestic violence cases. During December, 54 percent of calls to police relate to domestic violence, that is a 16 percent increase from a usual 38 percent during the year. The Christmas season invokes added stress and pressure to pay for holidays, presents, food and alcohol. This extra increase in consumption of alcohol mixed with the added demands at this time of year, greatly contributes to the rise in domestic violence and abuse. This then turns into a continuous cycle of abuse.
Many women try to keep it together for their families, so they endure this abuse and violence. On average at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner in Australia. Women are five times more likely than men to require medical attention or hospitalisation as a result of intimate partner violence. Women are five times more likely to report fearing for their lives. There is never a justification for any form of abuse to occur. But women are not the only victims of abuse, both men and children are experiencing violence from their families. 830,000 men fall victim to domestic violence a year, while two in three children are victims of physical abuse alone.
The White Ribbon Campaign, among many other charities and organisations, seeks to provide a safe place for women and children, to rebuild their lives. These organisations also endeavour to provide food, clothing, medical attention and other support to victims. This time of year, charities such as these seek to support the child victims by supplying toys and gifts to make their Christmas as magical as it should be.
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