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By Staff Writer : Harvey Fewings.

As the travelling road show, that is the current, left wing, Victorian Government, rolls into its third year, some interesting matters insinuate themselves onto the stage.

Curious I am, to follow the logic of these interesting matters.

Many millions of dollars, tens of thousands of words plus container loads of angst, are being deployed, in the name of global warming [ climate change ], and the shocking fate that awaits us all if nothing is done.

So, what to do ?

Well, so the logic determines, firstly we control emissions of power generation ; that means less coal is burnt, in Australia, to generate power and instead, we rely upon a combination of solar panel farms and wind turbine machines to provide the base load power that we need to provide power for our industries…which provides employment for the people the socialists claim to represent !

Up to this point in the cycle of logic, the power generation solution has shown to be as useless as an ash tray on a motor bike ! It does not work, it does not provide the power needed to run our cities and our industries.

So, what to do ?

Apparent it is, in the socialists logic, that firstly blame should be apportioned and that obviously will be all conservative governments and all people who follow conservative or Australian liberal thinking, you know, responsibility for yourself, think for yourself, balance your books, exercise social discipline at home, in the workplace and in the community ; that kind of nonsense !!

Once blame has been apportioned then we can all proceed to the next step in the cycle of logic. And that is a bit of a gob stopper ! Back- up power systems are needed and, as fortune dictates, the only systems that work are the portable diesel power generator engines. Engines that consume vast amounts of fuel and spew extra tonnes of carboniferous exhaust into the atmosphere !!

Embarrassing it certainly is, but it is explained by blaming the conservatives and moving on….whatever that means ??

So, what have we got so far ?

An apparent reduction of coal burning power generation in Australia thus reducing the amount of pollution spewed into the atmosphere in Australia…

The rest of the world, however, takes no notice of the sterling efforts of the Australian Socialists and continues to increase coal fired power generation, thus increasing pollution on a global scale and thus negating entirely the efforts of pollution control by the Australian Socialists.

Disappointing it is, for the Australian Socialists, because they also know that the rest of the world is proceeding with sensible funded research, into reducing coal fired power station emissions, thereby making a measureable contribution to controlling global air pollution.

Undaunted they are, and the Socialists press on with the logic cycle.

The next step is to request, from business and the community, a voluntary reduction in power consumption.

To explain this thinking in its starkest terms ; the socialists have stuffed up the power system, it can no longer carry the base load power demanded from it and now, you must fix the problem for them because they can’t !!

You must stop using as much power as you normally do !

In the logic of the socialists, the lack of power generation capacity is now your fault, because you are using too much power !!

And, in the business world, which is the eternal enemy of the socialists, business owners are faced with demands from the Victorian socialist government, that they cut production to reduce power consumption. And, if you do not, then you, the business owner, is the problem by demanding too much power.

So where are we now ??

The blame has been shifted from the Victorian socialist government to ordinary people and business owners of Victoria ; it is they who are the problem, they are using too much power.

Let us follow this tenuous thread of voluntary power reduction a little further. Assume, you are a business owner and you have a brain snap and agree to cut production to help the socialist government out. Like any good Aussie bloke would. Reduction in production means reduction in profits, or, in some cases no profit at all ! Therefore it is reasonable and logical that you would reduce the working hours of your staff, or even reduce the numbers of staff you employ because you don’t need them anymore, your business has become smaller…to help out the Government.

Oh No ! According to Victorian Government Workplace authorities, you cannot reduce the number of staff, cannot reduce the number of hours they work, you must continue to pay the full rate to the full compliment of staff, even though you have complied with the Government’s request to reduce production.

Now, I can understand why you would be confused over this, I am, and most Victorian business people I know are also confused…so, they say, no co-operation because we are hurting ourselves at your request.

Obvious it is, in the socialist logic cycle, that now, because they have stuffed up the power system and they have asked you to help them out by reducing business activity without compensation, your continuing resistance to this situation is to further deepen the blame on you, and suggest that ‘smart meters ‘ be attached to your meter boxes to penalise you if you use power during periods of peak demand, in other words, you will pay more because they stuffed it up !!

In the form of socialist logic this is all quite normal.

But, it gets better.

In all of this frenzied global saving activity attacking climate change [ which was once global warming, but that failed to eventuate ], and, some of you may remember “ the greatest moral challenge of our times “, there has been a concerted push to develop and subsequently manufacture, excitedly encouraged by all socialists, electric powered motor vehicles. These will reduce exhaust emissions from fossil fuel engines, thus saving the atmosphere even more !!

It stand out to me, like a dunny in the desert that somewhere in this, there is a glaring fault of logic.

Increased numbers of electric powered motor vehicles will inevitably result in increased demand for electrical power…but the socialists are reducing the capacity to generate electrical power !

So, how does that work ??

Frankly, it does not work.

Socialist logic fails every test of common sense applied to it in all its forms, and, it has done every decade since this political nonsense was released from its cage.

In the end, the efforts of the Victorian socialist government, to contribute to the global saving activity of reducing climate change is about as effective as a mouse fart !

Which is not much. Really.

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