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Calling a Global Truce

In a modern society, multiculturalism is found throughout the word. Multiple people and countries embrace different cultural traditions and ways of life. This way of sharing different experiences, ethnicities and stories brings people closer together. On the 30th of July, international friendship is celebrated throughout various countries. This originated as a day intended to celebrate and appreciate friendships but now also acknowledges more modern friendships that were being formed over the internet and social media. Its main purpose is to help reduce stigma around different beliefs and encourage positivity no matter another person’s race or religion.

In today’s society it is extremely important to recognise the actions and movements that can be achieved when working together and the amazing outcomes those can have. This day also promotes equality, which even today is still a message that needs to be spread. Organisations such as the UN and other pro-change companies support the masses of empowering people arguing for rights and over all a better world. One only needs to look at the recent marches and campaigns fighting for equality, to see that even in more difficult times, people ban together, and form friendships based on their own beliefs and perspectives.

These new friendships and perspectives allow for opportunities which can further open a person’s eyes to the world. International friendship also makes a stand to abolish another prevalent issue in society, bullying. With such support around issues of bullying, intentionally recognised days only act as another platform that allows for people to spread their message. Having copious amounts of support on such widespread problems further encourages the need to change the current status quo. Embracing the differences that make an individual unique allows the world to see what a person brings may bring not only to their lives but also others.

So many problems have been resolved though words and understanding, and despite some of the current problem not being solved that easily- a world where more people accept and have empathy for others is providing a step in the right direction. It only takes two seconds out of a person’s day to say thank you, good morning or to give another person a compliment and although it may not much to you, it may not only make another’s day but encourage them to do the same.

Talking about the problems in society, with new people and bringing positivity to another life, is a simple act that will make a change, even if it’s small. It’s time to call a global truce, stop spreading the negativity that the world seems captivated by and start talking to others about what we, together, can do to improve the world and hopefully leave it a little better than we found it.

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