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Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 23rd October, 2018 to 15th November, 2018

TUESDAY, 23nd October, 2018. 4 Person Ambrose Yellow Tees.

Winners – L Wilson, K Wilson, N Aylott, M Barbeler 60.875

R UP – D Dunn, B Chen, H Winterflood, M Dickson 63.375

NTP’s Hole 4 L Wilson, Hole 7 L Weatherley, Hole 14 S Ferrante, Hole 16 M Barbeler.

THURSDAY, 25th October, 2018. 4BBB Stableford Sponsor Anna’s Fashions

Winners M Peterson & S Brown 46 C/B, R/U G Burnham & B De Graaf 46 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 C Price, Hole 7 C Price, Hole 14 D Hayward, Hole 16 S White, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot B Truswell.

TUESDAY, 30th October, 2018. 3 Person Shambles.

Winners S White, S Power & A Roberts 82 C/B, R/U L McDonald, D Benghamy & M Carruthers 82 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 J Umlauft, Hole 7 L Pinson, Hole 14 K Highlands, Hole 16 J Umlauft.

THURSDAY, 1st November, 2018

Stroke Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy

Div 1: Winner S Vallely 74, R/U L Gwyther 75 C/B, 2nd R/U J Malone 75 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 A Driver, Hole 7 C Loimaranta, Hole 14 L Urquhart, Hole 16 J Malone. Div 2: Winner M Dickson 71, R/U A Mitchell 72, 2nd R/U M Peterson 73. NTP’s Hole 4 L Wilson, Hole 7 B Dunne, Hole 14 M Sills. Div 3: Winner S Barry 73, R/U C McAlister 74 C/B, 2nd R/U H McDonnell 74 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 S Ferrante, Hole 7 A Roberts, Hole 14 B Truswell, Hole 16 A Roberts.

TUESDAY, 6th November, 4 Person Mixed Team Aggregate Stableford

Winners V Jones, D Benghamy, L Randall & C Chaplin 149, T Hamilton, A Dixon, M Sills & M Sills 135 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 K Randall, Hole 7 A Mitchell, Hole 14 S Vallely, Hole 16 N Robinson.

THURSDAY, 8th November, 2018 Single Stroke

Div 1: Winner V Jones 77, R/U V Smith 80 C/B. Div 2: Winner Y Nicklin 72 C/B, R/U J Umlauft 72 C/B. Div 3: Winner H McDonnell 69 C/B, R/U C McAlister 72. NTP’s Hole 4 J Dorhauer, Hole 7 M Carruthers, Hole 14 N Aylott, Hole 16 S Brown, Hole 7 Div 3 2nd Shot S Ferrante.

Medal of Medals

Div 1: V Jones 77. Div 2: S Weeks 78 C/B. Div 3: H McDonnell 69.

TUESDAY, 13th November, Single Stroke Presidents Trophy Round 1

Div 1: Winner C Watson 69, R/U V Hayes 72. Div 2: Winner J Jennings 68, R/U L Cockerell 70. NTP’s Hole 4 C Watson, Hole 7 T Brown, Hole 14 V Hayes, Hole 16 D Hayward, Hole 7 Div 3 2nd Shot H Croukamp.

THURSDAY, 15th November, Single Stroke Presidents Trophy Round 2

Div 1: Winner S Smith 71, R/U V Smith 74. Div 2: Winner A Mitchell 71, R/U J Wyatt. NTP’s Hole 4 D Benghamy, Hole 7 J Dev Ruyter, Hole 14 T Brown, Hole 16 S Weeks, Hole 7 Div 3 2nd Shot N Aylott.

Presidents Trophy Winner J Jennings 140, R/U L Cockerell 144.

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