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Time for yourself

It’s the end of the year, holidays are here and well deserved!! Time for some self- nurturing to balance it up and refresh and revive YOU. You don’t have to go on a fancy expensive overseas trip, (although wouldn’t that be nice?) but use the time to do simple stress relieving activities that will nurture your own health and wellbeing. Here’s some ideas:

Organise catch ups with friends. Do coffee, lunch, drinks, unwind, chat and laugh.

When is the last time you’ve had time for a nice luxurious bath? Put in some bubbles, essential oils, dim the lights and light some candles and have a nice warm soak and switch off. Who cares if it’s the middle of the day? You’re on holidays!

Have a laugh-, watch a funny movie, you tube cat videos or watch your favourite comedian, catch up with friends, whatever gives you a good giggle

Spend time making delicious and nutritious food. Make that beautiful colourful breakfast bowl you’ve seen in a magazine and thought who has the time for that. Take time to mindfully eat and enjoy every last bit of it, knowing that is nurturing for your body and soul.

Take a walk in nature- beach, bush or mountain.

Have a relaxing massage.

Have a board game day.

Start a daily exercise routine.

Do some morning yoga, and or do a daily meditation.

Have a day at home in your jarmies and have a marathon watching your favourite tv series.

Dance! Put on your favourite beats and go nuts in your loungeroom or while making dinner.

Relax with a good book or magazine, out in the sunshine.

Be spontaneous- do a road trip or drive somewhere unplanned, discover new places or scenery.

Spend time in your garden, lapping up the beautiful Queensland winter sunshine.

Find your passion. Play an instrument, ride a motorbike, do an artwork etc. Remember, or find, what is your thing, what YOU like to do, and try and do it every day!

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