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May Energy Forecast

An energy forecast is about knowing some of the potential energy that can influence you and how to navigate through this time with ease & grace. This month is about going within to access new layers within self. To connect with your self-belief and ignite your passions. It’s so easy to get lost in a world that’s so fast paced. Life has become so super busy that we don’t always take time to reflect, assess & realign with your heart’s desires… We can become accustomed to being in robot mode of just doing and fail to honour the sacred space of beingness. Let’s see what soulful guidance is filtering through for you to reconnect with your true soul self.

Week 1 – Monday May 6th - 12th - Stop

Rest & relaxation is required right now. As your energy levels decline this is in divine timing to go within. To course correct if you will. Take this gorgeous opportunity to reflect over all areas of life and consider all possibilities for you to live a life you love. If somethings aren’t working, change it. Life is about evolution and it’s your time for expansion.

Week 2 – Monday May 13th – 19th - Hope (Full Moon)

Hope offers the beautiful window knowing that something magical is about to unfold even if your current circumstance doesn’t reveal that yet. Hope deeply activates your self-belief to continue forward with conviction & determination to see your dreams/goals through. However, this week being the Full Moon on the 19th, you’ll be given opportunities to let anything that is holding you back - go. In order to move forward confidently, you need to create space for more the new. Your soul is revealing what is no longer serving, trust this guidance.

Week 3 – Monday May 20th – 26th - Feathers

Your past loved ones that have crossed over are still so in tune with you. They hear your fears & doubts and are coming through to let you know that you are supported and loved from above. You may hear songs that remind you of them, see feathers or even have gorgeous memories float into your awareness of them. This is a loving message to remind you, that they are with you always. Share with them how they can help you & be open to new doorways opening up as if by magic.

Week 4 – Monday May 27th – 2nd June – Abundance

Abundance is definitely about an influx of money/prosperity/wealth. You are now entering a new vibration of energy that matches that of abundance. Money is an energy, that’s all. So, when you can rapidly manifest more abundance, it’s about having a new mindset towards the exchange of money energy. The universe and your soul are attracting more wealth into your world because you have a renewed prosperity mindset. Congratulations and enjoy what you magnetize into your world.

Much Love

Rachael xx Intuition Teacher & International Psychic

Please write any questions into the Bribie Newspaper regarding this information.



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