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Cranky Lizard Speaks

Cranky Lizard Speaks...

Just to kick things off on the right level – Cranky Lizard is well aware of matters that are unfolding at the Moreton Bay Shire Council. Cranky Lizard will, if and when appropriate, comment on these matters. Right now, considering the various levels of investigations currently being conducted it is simply not appropriate to comment except to say this…allegations are simply allegations until proven otherwise.

Cranky Lizard also points out that some the comments below have been influenced by the modern author and social commentator – Douglas Murray.

In Western democracies notably, relentless attacks upon our grand institutions of religion, government and political ideologies, have diminished societies’ faith and belief in these pillars of our communities.

In some instances, some of the attacks have been deserved. Religion, in particular, has attracted its share of stigma; but it is abundantly clear that religion is a vehicle for human activity which is almost always well-intentioned, and results in good work for the community which is of great comfort and assistance to many souls.

Religions, all of them, have for many centuries, provided humans with a reason for existence and we need that. Is it possible that for the first time in human recorded history? Humans of the 21st century, living in Western democracies have no explanation of why we are here or what our purpose is? Indications are that we are heading that way.

Of all our political ideologies, capitalism seems to provide some sense of purpose to our endeavours, socialism and communism, as a way of conducting our way of life have simply failed. And before you rush to your computer to express your outrage…Stop? Where on Earth is there a working example of a successful socialist society? A society that provides housing, education and health care within normal limits; a society that allows for freedom of expression of religious views, political views and guarantees certain individual rights.

Cranky Lizard would be very interested to know where such a prosperous and intellectually generous socialist regime society exists, and, if it does, why are not all the socialists living there, instead of here and complaining about their lives.

Some kind of weirdness has overtaken our legislative chambers. Cranky Lizard understands that in at least one state in the Commonwealth an adult male can, without any form of surgical, chemical or medical intervention, make a public declaration that he now identifies as a female and can present himself/herself at a female sports club and expect to play amongst the female players. And the Club Administrators have no choice but to accept him! This act of biological bloody nonsense has been facilitated by legislation from a State Government !! I mean – really?

What is the purpose of this legislative rubbish? Who gains from this?

Cranky Lizard is reminded of the words attributed to the Greek God Prometheus,

“ those whom the Gods’ wish to destroy, first they make crazy! “

Putting these matters into some reasonable perspective is interesting. Australia faces many major sovereign challenges in our current circumstances.

How we manage our water? How we adjust our defence profile? How do we deal with an electoral system which affords election into our Senate with, in some cases, 1 % of the statewide vote?

All of us know that life is not a dress rehearsal – this is all there is – and Cranky Lizard asks, “ Do our Governments need to be focussing on these peripheral matters when there are quite serious matters waiting to be addressed? “

Cranky Lizard does not speak for the sake of speaking or filling up space on a page. The issues raised today should give reasons to wonder just where we are all headed.

And, it is worth noting that each of us, those old enough, have the capacity to change things in our society that we don’t like. We have the superb facility of a free vote – something socialist and communist countries cannot abide.

Therefore, it is evident, if you do not like what is happening to our community, tell your elected representative, do not be afraid to speak out.

Make your voice heard.

Enjoy your days.

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