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Eric Shields Candidate for Mayor of MBRC

Hi Moreton Bay

A new policy I wish to introduce if elected as Mayor to Moreton Bay will be a unique way for our region to consult directly with the Mayor’s office, I’m calling it “THE MORETON BAY COMMUNITY CONSULTATION COMMITTEE (The CCC).”

If there is one thing which has become obvious to everyone is the need for our Local Council to be more open and listen to community concerns and that is exactly what this policy is all about.

When these regular meetings occur, they will be attended by members of the community from each Division, the Mayor, The CEO and the Councillor who needs to be there to answer questions.

I’m very familiar with what has gone on in the past when I was part of The Alliance (a community group made up of many groups around Moreton Bay) and I know just how impossible it was to organize a meeting with the Mayor.

This new policy will change all of that.

I hope you folks like this exciting new initiative because not many Governments would open the door for direct consultation with the pubic, I’m different, I want ideas and feedback on what’s going on in your life and I want to stop all the problems of the past.

Please read my Policies at

It is going to be a very busy four years if I’m elected to Mayor and I will make sure that our region is the envy of Queensland.

Eric Shields

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