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Looking out for the kids

An email was recently sent to Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) regarding concern for the welfare of students walking home from school along Godwin Drive.

Roddie Mac, the sender of the email, had previously expressed concerns to Council and a copy of this email was forwarded on to us here at The Local Island and Surrounds. It is replicated verbatim and without any editorial editing below:

“Good afternoon. I have mentioned this three years ago to council in regards to my concern for the welfare of students walking home along Godwin Dve. Some students in excess of 100 walk home through the entrance of the aquatic centre which is on the Godwin Dve a road allocated 70 km/h.

The students then walk north along a footpath which has no safety barriers and not even a guttering. So a vehicle could possibly slide across the road and onto the footpath without any impediment.

The second issue is some children need to cross this road to get to the eastern side. There is currently no crossing or provision for the children to cross. They can wait at the roundabout for some time because vehicle traffic is heavy due to the school finish time. Some children run or ride across prior to the intersection with Cotterial Ave in the 70 km/h zone.

I would consider a crossing both for school children and others near the bus stop on Godwin Dve prior to Cotterial Ave. The road speed zone needs to be decreased to 60 km/h and the erection of safety barriers from the Aquatic centre to Cotterial Ave be erected. I do not have children attending the school but I am concerned for the welfare of the children. The current situation reminds me of a bank with top security at the front but they leave the side door open.”

We followed up with MBRC Councillor for Division 1 Brooke Savige regarding this issue and the points raised by Roddie Mac.

Councillor Savige said “Having now considered the issues raised I can confirm that I will be progressing these concerns and suggestions with council staff for consideration. I invite feedback from residents on their thoughts of this area and their views on the speed limit and reduction suggestion.”

Concerned Bribie residents and parents wanting to provide their thoughts and feedback to Cr Savage can contact her via email:

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