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Numerology, October 2019

Welcome to October beautiful souls and the powerful master vibration of 22/4. 22/4 is the master builder, it uses the solid foundation of the 4 vibration and supercharges it. Co-creation and intimate relationships are the 22/4 focus, this is the time to manifest your dreams with precision and through collaboration.

October offers a new season, a time for rejuvenation and change. Visualise your perfect future. Take a moment, close your eyes and see it. Make a list of the steps required to manifest that future and start taking them, one by one. The 22/4 vibration will clear the path. At no other time over the next fourteen months will the path be clearer or smoother. All the components for success are here. And the big message is, be fearless.

Balance, balance, balance – it’s what the 22/4 vibration is here to teach us. The message is when things are balanced, or even then you have stability and are steady in all things. Tap into the ancient wisdom of the universe through mediation and time in nature. Quite time helps bring a natural balance and order.

The middle of the month offers spontaneity and fun as the moon enter Aries. The heady mix of spring, with Aries promises many pleasurable encounters. Accept the party invitations and be present, that way you won’t miss a thing OR the thing you’ve been waiting for. Then have a little sleep in to balance it all out.

Avoid the shade side of this month’s vibration being flexible and avoid being stubborn, especially in your intimate relationships. And at all times avoid losing your temper.

Blue is an especially powerful colour this month, include it in your wardrobe or wear it to that important meeting.

Have a great October,


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