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Technology Positive or Negative?

Have you ever wondered if technology is positive or negative for this society? Well technology has had a huge impact on our lives by making less labour for workers, improving learning strategies and making it easier to connect with people all around the world.

Technology has made business more cost effective, improved efficiency and has enhanced time management. Farmers all around the world use technology to decrease the amount of labour and stress they deal with every day. Technology improves the quality of their produce by strengthening the plant so it can handle drought, herbicide tolerance, and disease resistance. It helps farmers produce food faster and more efficiently.

How can technology improve our learning strategies? Technology can make school more enjoyable for teenagers by implementing fun games into learning, while also benefiting productivity and focus in class. Technology also provides students with a wide range of online resources, which will further develop their knowledge.

Technology doesn’t just help us with school but also can affect many people’s lives by helping with medical issues. Technology has had a big role in health care, because it assists with surgery’s, scans and testing. Machines such as MRI scanners, which is estimated to scan 50 million patients every year, a Cardioversion, which is a critical piece of technology to help deal with heart attacks. Without technology a lot of diseases and illnesses would still be occurring in the modern age.

Technology has really developed over the last few years by connecting us to people all around the world, did you know that over 66.53% of the whole world’s population owns a mobile device? Technology has provided us with a variety of entertainment ranging from TV, Phones, Tablets, consoles and more. A lot of people say that technology is making us less social, but in fact it is increasing our social interactions. Technology connects us with loved ones where ever we are, so we don’t feel away from them.

To conclude, our society wouldn’t function as smoothly without technology, because it reduces manual labour that farmers and workers must do, it helps people to communicate to others, improves focus with learning, provides endless entertainment for you to enjoy and assists in medical needs.

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