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A Child’s Right

In modern society one of the most valued commodities is education. Whilst the need for such schooling is recognised on a global scale, many forget about the children across the world who cannot even access clean water let alone an education. In 2015, the United Nations released seventeen goals titled the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. These goals aim to address and reduce issues having a global impact by the year 2030, after which the goals are revaluated and rewritten. The United Nations aims for a series of goals including gender equality, clean water and sanitation and climate action. However, perhaps the most important goal on the list is access to quality education. Such a need is further reaffirmed through another United Nations initiative orchestrated every year on the 20th of November. Many know this day as Universal Children’s Day and such an event remains more important than ever. Children’s Day has an intent focus on making education accessible for children across the world, no matter their socio-economic status. However, education is not their only goal. Other important aspects of the day include raising awareness regarding the many children across the world who cannot access clean water, food on a daily basis and do not have safe housing. The 20th of November marks the date the United Nations decreed and adopted the convention and declaration of the children’s rights. This document outlined the basic human rights that a child is entitled to, and the anniversary marks the significance of such a moment in the United Nations, and global, history. It is recognised from politicians to teachers the importance of educating and ensure the safety of the growing future generations. Every year, business from Australia to Norway make donations to assist with the development of projects aimed to assist with education for children. Whilst education is vital, so is the right for children to be an in environment, and world, in which they feel safe to share their views and not face discrimination or violence. Money remains important to funding development and progress but discussing the day, and personal actions that can be taken to achieve the United Nation’s goals is also integral. In Australia, many schools make the effort to base lessons around the day. The United Nations goals are to resonate with all ages, from parents to children and aim to achieve this through recruiting notable figures to support their campaign. It is evidently clear that of all the growing issues our world is facing, ensuring the safety and education of children remains at the forefront of the race. These children are the future generation who will inhabit the earth and create change. Access to education allows for the progression of society that is so clearly needed. Perhaps more importantly we have forgotten that education remains a child’s fundamental right. The smallest of actions can create the change needed, whether that be a donation or educating your children or family about the issue. Most importantly, we must recognise and cherish the opportunities that we have been provided with and assist in creating such opportunities for other children.

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