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Access to after-hours health care on Bribie Island

Simone Wilson MP, State Member for Pumicestone said “Our electorate’s most pressing priority is having access to after-hours primary health care, particularly for Bribie Island residents. It’s not acceptable that in 2019 locals are given no other option but to travel to the Emergency Department or an after-hours medical service in Caboolture to seek treatment. This is improper considering Bribie Island has the State’s highest median age and with aging comes the need for increased access to urgent health care.

This glaring gap in health services has been neglected for far too long.  This year I brought together Queensland Health officials, our local Primary Health Network and local GPs to firstly acknowledge our community’s needs and secondly to work on identifying solutions and collaborative approaches to fix the gap.  The key stakeholders at that meeting agreed to find solutions.  

This month I'll be taking further action by again bringing together the key stakeholders where I will be urging them to get on with job of delivering an outcome for our community.  This vitally important issue needs action and an outcome, not an ongoing talk fest.”

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