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Mindful Perspectives

“Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head.”- Unknown

‘Mental health’ is a frequently used term that is often misunderstood. The most important factor of understanding mental health is both perspective and attaining a level of empathy. Individuals commonly substitute ‘mental health’ for mental health condition, however, mental health refers to mental wellness- not illness. It is imperative that individuals- specifically the youth- understand what mental health is to cease the related stigma and to ensure they are aware of solutions to improve their own mental wellness status.

Research has publicised that having a high mental health status is associated with increased learning capabilities, creativity and productivity; along with more social interactions, positive relationships, and enhanced physical health and life expectancy. “Approximately 50% of all Australians aged 16 to 85 years — 7.3 million people — will experience a mental health illness at some point in their life.” The Australian Government Department of Health states that the most common conditions experienced are anxiety, affective disorders (especially depression) and substance use disorders (especially alcohol use).

Saturday the 5th of October marked the beginning of National Mental Health Awareness Week 2019. This year’s theme was ‘Take Time’ which emphasised the significance of ensuring all members of the community have someone they can reach out to for support. This event was linked with World Mental Health Day, 10th of October, and encouraged communities to band together through local events, conversations and activities that raise awareness of the importance of being conscious of your individual and others’ mental health status and wellbeing.

So what can you do if you are in need of support?

There is an abundance of support services, including Headspace, available on the island for those experiencing mental-ill health. The key to overcoming such conditions is to not isolate yourself from others and to be willing to receive the support you require from either someone you trust or a mental health professional. The majority of mental illnesses will only worsen with time and if left untreated, so it is in the best interest of the individual suffering from the symptoms of a mental health condition to seek the appropriate support they need. Exercise has been proven to be one of the most effective lifestyle alterations that an individual can make to recover from mental-ill health or to simply enhance their mental wellness status, as it reduces stress, improves your mood, boosts your self-esteem and provides restful sleep. Individuals- specifically juveniles- must be mindful of their perspectives on mental health so that they can enhance their own mental wellness and do not discriminate against those who are suffering from the symptoms of such conditions.

Open the window of your mind.

Outreach Headspace Bribie Island:

call: 07 5428 1599


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