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Bribie Clean Up

Mojo Café in Woorim is rolling out a new incentive designed to encourage beach goers to clean up.

Living on the island and owning Mojo’s Café for seven years now Ian Moxham is passionate about Bribie Island.

Mr Moxham said “I’m very community orientated, I’ve spent a lot of money to be here and I also own a home here on Bribie as well. I’ve been a member of the SES. So, you know it’s all about doing something for my community, I’m not going anywhere this is where I live, so you know let’s just try and keep it as beautiful as it is.”

By offering a free coffee/water for those who collect a bucket of rubbish off the beach, cafe owner Ian Moxham hopes to inspire those visiting the island to help out.

“What I want to try and do is get people aware of actually taking their rubbish with them, I love that they come here to the island and they enjoy all our facilities but take your rubbish home. That’d be great or at least put it in the bins that are provided everywhere by council. I’m just going to try and give them an incentive to pick up and clean up before they leave so keeps our beautiful, pristine, beaches looking that way all year round.” He said.

The incentive offer of coffee or water is aimed to encourage everybody to take part in doing something for the community.

Well positioned just before the entrance to Woorim Beach Mojo Café is hard to miss, and with bright yellow signs and big black writing the signs offering this incentive are very eye catching.

Drop in to Mojo’s Café to grab a bucket, head onto the beach to do some clean up and then once your bucket is full head on back to the café to enjoy a free coffee/water for your efforts to keep Bribie Island clean.

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