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Australia Day- The Spirit of Giving

Across the world Australians are known under many stereotypes: loud, adventurous and friendly, but perhaps the best quality that we possess is that of community and mateship. The Australian spirit was first shown to the world during World War One, but in more recent times has been highlighted as our country continues to suffer from the ongoing bushfires wreaking havoc across our now scorched land. From such heartbreaking devastation we have seen the rise of heroes, the firefighters who have given their lives to defend communities and family homes. Alongside these brave men and women, we have seen the generosity of Australians, who have given their time, money and donations to those who have been impacted by this disaster. Strangers from across the country have given their support to others, offering their homes and love during this period of destruction. Such acts of kindness and selflessness are the actions that must be honoured and remembered this Australia Day. In the past, the 26th of January has been a day of parties and barbecues, and whilst these Aussie traditions remain important, this year our celebrations should be geared towards recognising the Australian heroes, big or small, who have given their best efforts to defend countless homes and towns across our country. Whether or not the fires have personally impacted you or your family, the effects of these fires will be seen for years to come. Australia Day is viewed by many as a day to recognise the beauty of the land we live in, and recognise the success that we have had throughout the past year. While our beaches and sporting success are a large part of the Australian culture, an even larger part are the people. People like you and I- who may be avid cricket fans or love a sausage in bread- people who this year will not spend Australia Day in their own homes. Australia Day 2020 is the year we must recognise each person, those who make up our wonderful country, the year we recognise the spirt, tenacity and bravery of so many Australians.  In times such as these it is more important than ever to band together in solidarity. If you are able to, pick a charity that resonates with you, whether that be supporting wildlife shelters or the red cross, and donate to those who need your support. As we enter a new decade, it becomes\ evident that for Australia to remain the beautiful country that it is we must recognise and support our community spirt, our vast and wonderful environment and national animals. To those who are continuing to work and protect on the 26th of January, I say thank you for your ongoing efforts and dedication to the citizens of this country.

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