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Landscape- Plant of the Month

Evolvulus glomeratus

Syn. Evolvulus pilosus

Common name(s): Blue Daze; Blue Eyes; Blue Sapphire

This dense low growing perennial groundcover is native to Brazil where it grows naturally in dry sand or rocky soil and is an excellent choice for that full sun position around rockeries, hanging baskets and raised garden beds. Evolvulus glomeratus- grows to 30cm high and up to 1 metre wide, and in the warmer months it is covered with blue funnel- shaped flowers which grow to 2.5 cm across, each consisting of 5 blue petals, 5 white stamens and a white throat. The blooms can close up in the late-afternoon and on cloudy days and new ones open in the morning once again. Blue Daze- tolerates dry conditions, but they respond and flower more profusely if given some extra moisture directed at the root zone in the dry spells, but they do not like wet- feet, especially in winter. There are a few new cultivars, one notably called; Evolvulus- ‘Blue my Mind’® Marketed by: Proven Winners ®, and there is also a white flowering variant available. These are great all-round landscaping plants which also attract the bees and butterflies.

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