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Locals dig deep for bush fire appeal

A Bribie pharmacy is proving that every little bit helps in the face of adversity.

The recent bush fires have been heartbreaking to watch by everyone, however those haunting images have inspired the staff at Bongaree Pharmacist Advice to do everything they can to assist.

For the past nine weeks, the pharmacy has offered every customer the option of donating 50 cents from every store purchase towards the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal. Pharmacist Stacie Hwang and her team felt desperate to help.

“By watching the tv and seeing the absolute hopelessness and despair of people, we knew we had to do something. It was horrific.”

That ‘something’ has almost raised $2000 towards the Red Cross bush fire relief and recovery fund and all due to the generosity of more than 600 customers.

“We cannot thank our customers enough for their kind spirit and sense of humanity during these tragic events,” Ms Hwang.

“This project has brought our team together. We are a small pharmacy, but we are proud of what we have achieved.”

An Australian Red Cross spokesperson said: “Because of the incredible generosity from communities like this, we are able to provide emergency funds to people whose lives have been devastated by bushfires across the country.

“These donations will go towards helping people through these extremely difficult times and what will be a long recovery process.”

The generosity did not end there. The pharmacy also called for vital medical supplies which have been donated to the Beachmere Wildlife Op Shop to assist in the care of Australia’s injured wildlife.

Store manager Sally Arthur said donated supplies were being sent nation wide to help animal carers in the task of caring for injured animals.

“Every state and territory have been touched from the bush fires. I’ve just sent a truck load of medical supplies to Batemans Bay,” Ms Arthur said.

“We only had to pay for the fuel and thankfully the drivers gave their time freely to help.

“It is a collective effort. All the medical supplies have been donated by the public or from local pharmacies and medical centres.

“Bongaree Pharmacist Advice has gone above and beyond with their generosity. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

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