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One of the fastest growing clubs on the Island, the club to join for fun , fellowship and friends. This club has been gradually growing for the past few years now but this year has been a record. Amanda ,the President has inducted some new members into the club every single month since she took over last February. Why is that you might ask? Well news articles, friends telling friends and new people on the Island who are looking for a good group to join.

In this photograph you can see Amanda with this month’s new members and now we have a waiting list ready to join just as soon as we agree to increase our total numbers.

The club is 30 years old in February which shows how popular it has been over the years. There is something for everyone every week. You can go for a walk and finish up for coffee and cake. Or you could decide you are fit enough and just go for the coffee and cake and chat with friends. There is a dinner every month trying all the various eateries on the Island. There is a fishing group who meet up for a BBQ breakfast before heading off to fish. I couldn’t possible tell you how many fish they catch !!!! There is a monthly meeting with an excellent outside speaker and we have had some terrific speakers.

In February we have a formal dinner party to celebrate 30 years of this amazingly successful club.

We meet at the RSL the second Tuesday of the month. If you would like to come along just ring;

Gerry on 0457 305 391.

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