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Beachmere Steps Up to Clean Up

Beachmere, once again, supported Clean Up Australia Day with a host of teams cleaning up around the area.

From one end of Beachmere to the other, from the northern tip near Bribie Island to the river in the south, site leaders organised teams, times and an assortment of buggies and barrows to travel to some out of reach areas.

Site leader, Christine Dillon, said that in her fifth year cleaning the southern end of the Conservation Park at Bishop Road there had been a reduction in the amount of rubbish collected.

“Last year we had over 20 bags. This year we filled about 10 bags, and the rubbish was not on the surface but had obviously been there some time.”

Glenda Sinclair-Gordon was a Site Leader on the northern side of the Conservation Park and was “terribly disappointed” with the amount of rubbish found.

“Our team of eleven worked for over two hours and filled over 50 bags, as well as about half a tonne of larger items, but we only just scratched the surface. We had to leave due to the tide coming in, and our trailer was very full, so we are planning on another clean up in the next few months.”

Both Christine and Glenda praised Anita Christian, Waste Minimisation Officer from Moreton Bay Regional Council, who has supported Clean Up Australia teams in Beachmere over the last few years and this year was no exception.

From sending out packs initially to organising collections, Anita has been a great help and organised access to inaccessible areas to help reduce the distance the rubbish had to be transported for collection. Anita also organised timely pick up of the rubbish which had been collected from each of the many sites around Beachmere which was applauded by teams and local residents.

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