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Landscape Plant of the Month  The Climbing Frangipani: Chonemorpha fragrans

Chonemorpha fragrans, is undeniably a most beautiful flowering tropical vine, with its large white and fragrant, frangipani- like flowers, which also have a yellow throat and strong sweet scent, like its name sake- the Frangipani. The flower petals twist back resembling a propeller in appearance. Flowering is from spring to autumn. Chonemorpha fragrans, is native to India and South East Asia but is not a true Frangipani, this vigorous vine has large green and glossy ovate leaves with prominent veins that can grow to 30cm long, and the vine itself grows to 7 metres tall and wide in cultivation, although they can reach the tops of tall trees in their native tropical environment. They are semi deciduous in our subtropical region, but they can tolerate full sun to part shade and prefer rich, free draining soil and the sunnier the aspect, the more profuse flowering can be expected. The Climbing Frangipani are perfect for screening on sturdy fences, pergolas or trellises that can handle their weight and form, they can be pruned back to control growth after flowering or if in dormancy. Propagation is by cuttings or seed. Just a delightful plant for that tropical-feel garden design element in the landscape and they will grow here on Bribie Island, if their soil moisture requirements are met in summer. Their scent is divine when in mass flower!

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